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To build public awareness as well as promote local understanding and acceptance of Caribbean culture.
  •  To create cultural awareness through social events and educational opportunities.
  •  To maintain a Scholarship Fund.
  •  To assist in charitable causes which are aligned with The BCC mission statement.
  •  To operate as a non-profit, non-partisan organization in accordance with government requirements to maintain a “non profit” status

1. Students who are residents of Burlington or surrounding community,
2. Are of Caribbean descent or have demonstrated alignment with the Burlington Caribbean Connection’s Mission, Goals and Objectives,
3. Have achieved the required academic/Applied credits for entrance to a post secondary institution,
4. Have valid acceptance to an accredited post secondary institution,
5. Were or involved in community work within the last 4 years

1. The number and the value of each award shall be determined on an annual basis by The Scholarship Committee.
2. Scholarships shall be awarded to students entering the first year of an accredited Post-Secondary Institution.
3. Presentation of the award will take place in September at the Annual Caribbean Night Event.
4. Recipient should offer to be a volunteer of a minimum of 5 hours with The BCC, before or after obtaining the scholarship award if possible.
5. To offer a short acceptance speech at the time of presentation of the Award.

1. Submit completed Application form and documentation by end of second week in August of the school year to The BCC
2. Copy of the student’s official transcript, showing all available marks for Grades 11/12.
3. Letter of acceptance from the accredited Post Secondary Institution.
4. Letter of recommendation from:
a) (Principal, Teachers, Community Leaders, Volunteer Organizations, and/or other Professionals and each must include name, title, address and telephone number(s).
5. Personal Statement -- Tell us about yourself in one page or less:
a) Include any volunteer/community work that you were/are involved within the last 4 years. The amount of hours that you have/had dedicated to the commitment.
b) Describe your most significant accomplishment to date (not necessarily related to school).
c) Reference any experiences that demonstrate your leadership abilities, and note how this would make you deserving of this award.
d) Include your future educational intentions and aspirations.






  1. Ancilla Ho-Young and scholarship recipient Krysia Walchak
    Ancilla Ho-Young and scholarship recipient Krysia Walchak
  2. Ancilla Ho-Young and scholarship recipient Kristian Fernandez Brown
    Ancilla Ho-Young and scholarship recipient Kristian Fernandez Brown